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Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10k

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoyed a day full of family and feasting. I went home to visit my parents in Cincinnati for the first time since moving to New York City, and realized it was actually my first trip home in almost a year! Yikes – that’s […] Read more…

Fat Shaming the Fun Out of Thanksgiving


Red flag. I’m calling it: the fitness community is fat shaming the fun out of Thanksgiving.  While I’m sure this isn’t a new phenomenon, the crimes against crescent rolls and cranberry sauce have gotten too great to overlook this year, and I decided it was time to say something about it. The Fit Crasher is part of that […] Read more…

Glass After Class at Lincoln Center

Glass After Class Lincoln Center NYC Ballet

I’ve crashed a lot of barre classes in my day. I’ve watched my fair share of Dance Moms and Bunheads and So You Think You Can Dance. I even scored a role as “tin soldier” in The Nutcracker when I was six. But nothing could have prepared me for the moves required in an actual ballet class taught by an actual ballerina at […] Read more…

100 studios crashed!


Last week The Fit Crasher reached an important milestone: we published a review of our 100th studio. Cue the confetti! Pop the coconut water! Crashing 100 different studios is a goal I set for the blog in 2014 and am absolutely over the moon to have reached it. No really, I’m doing celebratory lunges and jazz hands in my […] Read more…

Four Mini Reviews

Sleek Physique barre class with Jessica Bailey

Happy Tuesday, fit crashers! Instead of my normal NYC fit crash review today, I have four mini reviews of things that crossed my radar recently. Hope you enjoy!  1. Sleek Physique with Jessica Bailey Last week I crashed Jessica Bailey’s “Sleek Physique” class at the Sports Club LA on the Upper East Side. It’s a barre-inspired class […] Read more…

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