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DC Weekend Workouts

Weekend in DC March 2015

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you know that last weekend I said “see ya later!” to the downpour of snow in New York and hopped aboard a bus to DC. A few of my close friends were gathering and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch them all together. Plus, […] Read more…

The Yoga Collective Online Studio

The Yoga Collective

The Yoga Collective is an online library of more than 150 high quality yoga videos that users can tap into anywhere they have an internet connection. I was gifted a membership to check out the site and see for myself why The Yoga Collective is such a great resource for people who want to work […] Read more…

LIFT Session: Live-Stream Personal Training

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.38.28 AM

A new fitness app came across my radar this week, and I’m so excited to tell you all about it. Why? Three reasons: In an extremely saturated fitness tech market, it actually brings something new and different to the table. It was extraordinarily easy to use. It kicked my butt. Meet LIFT Session: an iPad […] Read more…

3 Lessons From 3 Weeks of Half Marathon Training


1. Don’t skip the warm up: I never used to warm up before runs. I thought it was completely counter-intuitive and annoying. In my mind, going for a run was supposed to include two steps. One: lace up shoes. Two: go. Anything that got in the way of steps one and two was a frustrating delay. But tearing my […] Read more…

ADAY Feature With Evann Clingan


Happy Friday everyone! I’m very excited to share that NYC blogging buddy Evann Clingan and I are being profiled today on ADAY’s The Wander Guide. We recently sat down with the lovely and creative ladies of this new UK-based activewear brand to discuss how we balance (and maintain sanity) having both a full-time blog and a […] Read more…

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