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Top 10 Fit Crasher Highlights From Last Week

Hope you all had a glorious Memorial Day Weekend! This past week was packed with all sorts of random fit crasher goodness, so I thought I’d break it down for you with a top ten list. Are you ready?

TEN: Kate Bakes Bars

kate bakes bars

kate bakes bars

I had the opportunity to try my very first batch of Kate Bakes bars. What makes these so special, you ask? Well, a few things! They’re made right here in DC by a local lady entrepreneur who is committed to providing the city with healthy on-the-go eats. The ingredient list is small and full of items I recognize, and each bar is always gluten free and vegan for anyone who has dietary restrictions. Not to mention, they’re pretty darn scrumptious too. My favorite flavors were the banana cinnamon oatmeal and the chocolate coffee. Perfect for tossing in my gym bag as a before or after fit crash snack. These things were definitely a highlight of my week! Thanks for the samples, Kate!

NINE: New Oiselle Running Shorts

oiselle roga shorts

My stash of running shorts is in serious need of an update. I was thrilled to receive a pair of the Lululemon speed shorts for my birthday earlier this month, but after wearing them over and over again, I figured it was time to add another new pair to the rotation. I have been hearing awesome things about the Oiselle roga shorts, so last weekend I popped on over to City Sports to try on a pair. It was love at first lunge (yes, I did a few in the dressing room). In fact, I wore them out the door and straight to the trail. There’s a front pocket deep enough to fit my phone, and a back pocket that works great for keys and an ID. They have just the right amount of stretch and a comfortable wide waistband. I’m officially smitten.

EIGHT: Garden Greens

organic salad greens

A friend of mine has an organic garden plot and grows some of the most delicious-looking produce every year. He is experimenting with different kinds of greens this spring, and is having overwhelming success with just about everything he put into the ground. So much so, in fact, that he currently has more lettuce than he can possibly eat and was kind enough to give me a sampling of his bounty. I was over the moon excited to have a huge bag brimming with the most colorful, fresh looking leaves I’ve ever seen. Salad heaven!

SEVEN: Outdoor Workouts

playground workout


memorial day weekend workout

No gym? No problem! Fit crashing doesn’t have to happen at a studio, especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been here in DC. I like using the 12 Minute Athlete and Sworkit circuit training apps for quick, no-nonsense sweatiness wherever I go. I definitely got a few strange looks from kids enjoying an evening playdate at the playground, but hopefully they’ll remember the crazy lady doing pull ups on the monkey bars when they get older : )

SIX: Berry Season!

berries and lemon

I think this pictures says it all, yes? Hello summer!

FIVE: Standup Paddleboarding

Key Bridge Boathouse DC
On Memorial Day a friend and I slathered on the sunscreen, strapped into lifejackets, and took to the high seas Potomac River for an afternoon of stand-up paddleboarding at the Key Bridge Boathouse
(formerly Jacks Boathouse, RIP). I almost forgot what a tough workout it can be going against the wind and the current. After an hour of adventuring we docked our vessels and went in search of some much-needed nourishment. Hey, all that paddling is hard work! Thankfully, Malmaison was a stone’s throw away and offered fresh-squeezed green juices. I got the Hulk flavor, a refreshing combo of pear, cucumber, and other delicious ingredients. Win!

FOUR: Bowling at the White House

truman bowling alley white house

truman bowling alley white house

Talk about a fit crasher bucket list item! Can’t believe this actually happened. A friend invited a few of us to bowl at the White House Truman Bowling Alley last weekend. It’s a tiny two lane operation, complete with personalized bowling balls, a wall full of shoes, and even its own White House score cards. I loved looking over the pictures hanging along the walls of the various presidents and first ladies using it over the years – the history in that place! I’m absolutely terrible at bowling but had a blast. Now if only I can learn to keep it down the middle…

THREE: Crashing the Newest [solidcore] Studio

solidcore dc

On Sunday I took a bike share bike to Mt. Vernon Triangle to check out the newest solidcore studio. The location is a little bit hidden – look for it underneath the Le Pan Quotidien across the street from Sixth Engine bar. It has the same design as the other studios but in a more convenient place for folks living in that neck of the woods. A word of caution: this is still the toughest and most addictive workout I’ve done in DC. You’ve been warned.

TWO: Memorial Day 12 Miler

memorial day walk memorial day dc honor flight memorial day dc

The weather this past weekend was picture perfect. 70 – 80 degrees, no humidity, brilliant sunshine. I decided to make the best of it and adventure down to the monuments to see what kinds of things were going on for Memorial Day. I should have mapped it out before I left because it ended up being a whopping 12 miles! I ran part of the way but it was mostly a brisk walk. That said, I had to stop at one of the tourist-trap concession stands to buy a water and a bag of pretzels just to keep me going. Serves me right for not planing ahead!

As expected, the monuments were absolutely mobbed with folks in town to celebrate the holiday. I walked the length of the Lincoln to the WWII memorial just in time to witness a group of Honor Flight veterans being escorted in to see the monument for the first time. It was incredible to watch. Really brought home the “reason for the season” and I felt so lucky to have been there at the right time to see it. But next time, I’ll bring water and snacks for the journey!

ONE: Celebrating 80 Fit Crashes

dc fit crasher 80 fit crashes

The blog reached a whopping 80 fit crashes last week! Cue the confetti and party hats! Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Cheers to this milestone and at least 80 more sweaty adventures ahead :)

A New Quick and Healthy Breakfast Idea: Bell Pepper Eggs


Good morning crashers! I’m stopping in for a short post about a new breakfast idea I found on the interwebs. I can’t take credit for this clever way to cook eggs, but thought it was so fun and easy that I had to share.


Just clean and cut bell peppers into one inch circles. Place in a pan and let them cook for about a minute so that they start to get tender.


Now comes the fun part…crack an egg in the middle of each pepper. Voila! I had an issue with the egg spilling out of the sides a little bit, but just because they look mess doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. I let the eggs cook for a few minutes on one side before trying to flip them over.


The entire process took less than ten minutes. The best part? These puppies are portable. I popped them in a plastic bag and was out the door with a nutritious, healthy breakfast on-the-go. Try it and let me know what you think!

Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars: fANNEtastic Food Has Some Explaining To Do


After meeting Anne from fANNEtastic Food at the blogger ride last week, I decided to take the plunge and make one of her famous recipes. They look delicious, include fresh ingredients, and shoot me that come-hither stare from across the interwebs every time I browse her site. Enough with the temptation. Time for action. I’m always looking for a quick and healthy breakfast option, and with the impending Snowquestration storm hitting DC tomorrow, I settled on the cozy, feel-good baked apple cinnamon oat bars.


If you like apple crisp, pie, bread pudding, or cobbler, you’ll love this recipe. It’s the same taste but with healthier ingredients. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, because I had zero self restraint after they came out all toasty and cinnamony from the oven. Holy cow, Anne, you have some explaining to do. Think you can just whip up an addictive recipe without providing the antidote? Not okay. I have to know: HOW DO YOU STOP EATING THESE.


I’ll send you over to her site for the full recipe and step-by-step instructions. I used a deeper pan than she did (using what I had) and they turned out just fine – I just adjusted the timing by a few minutes to make sure they cooked all the way through. Another note: it may look like adding two chopped apples is overkill, but trust the recipe and go with it. You won’t be disappointed.


This is honestly one of the best things I’ve baked in a long time. Healthy, filling, full of no-nonsense ingredients, and absolutely lip-smacking good. I will definitely be putting these on heavy rotation and may need to make a second batch to inhale enjoy during the impending snow day. Goodness knows the first lot didn’t last long.


Thanks for the absolutely addictive recipe, Anne, and let me know when you figure out how to break the vicious cycle of baking/eating the apple cinnamon oat bars! I’m hooked!

Egg (not mc)Muffins


I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast. So what do I do? Make a healthy breakfast ahead of time when I do have a few moments to spare. No excuses!

I shared one of my favorite make-ahead breakfasts (overnight oats) with you a few months ago, and now I wanted to share another. Behold, the egg muffin.


Do I wish I could make a hearty, delicious veggie omelet each morning before I go to work? Sure I do. But considering this is real life and I have a lot going on (like trying to brush teeth and make coffee in the morning), that’s just not going to happen. So I did some searching on the interwebs and found these gems. They’re basically omelets in the shape of a muffin. Genius? I think so.

Make them on Sunday, pop them in the freezer, and microwave one each morning. Add to toast, melt with cheese, schmear with avocado, slice on top of a salad…you decide. But no more excuses for not eating a healthy, filling, nutritious breakfast! Got it?


The recipe variations on this theme could fill a blog on their own. If you don’t like the way I made them, do a little searching and find a version that looks good to you. Bottom line: if you don’t like it, you won’t eat it, so make sure to tweak this to suit your fancy. 



- onion
- red bell pepper
- mushrooms
- salt and pepper
- eggs


- preheat oven to 350*
- chop up veggies and sauté in a pan
- add six whole eggs to a bowl (you could opt for egg whites if you like)
- add sautéed veggies to the bowl, sprinkle salt/pepper
- whisk all the ingredients together
- grease cupcake pan (I used olive oil)
- pour the egg mixture into the cupcake wells (my mixture filled six)
- make sure to leave plenty of room at the top, these muffins grow in the oven
- cook at 350* for about 10 – 15 minutes (keep checking)
- enjoy!


I wrapped the cooled egg muffins in saran wrap and popped them into the freezer. They de-thawed after about 2 minutes in the microwave – the exact time it takes me to make my morning coffee. Perfect!


If you are feeling more ambitious and really want to up the ante on your breakfast prep, check out these delicious egg muffin breakfast sandwiches (think turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, golden toasty english muffins) from Taralynn on the Undressed Skeleton.  Bon appetite!

Circuit Training with Kinesis and My Last Day in Naples


On my last full day of vacation, there were three things I wanted to do: soak up the sun, eat the rest of the delicious farmers market splurges sitting in the fridge, and crash a class at the local gym. As you can see from exhibit A above, I started the day by crossing one of those items off of the list. Breakfast was a delicious combination of Ezekial bread, schmeared avocado, fried egg, and red bell pepper topped with a splash of olive oil. Simple, easy, quick, and packed with nutrition.


As I mentioned earlier, the Original Crasher received a Fitbit for Christmas and is absolutely loving it. She has been racking up some crazy mileage (there was one day with 11 miles before noon…the woman is a machine) and I was happy to help join in the effort while we were together in Florida. In fact, I can honestly say one of the best parts of the trip were our daily long walks along the beach. On Monday, we totaled close to five miles. Here’s a view of the Fitbit at one of our pit stops in the shade.


It was hard to believe that just a few days earlier, I struggled to mange six miles running on pavement. Funny how the body changes from day to day. At any rate, we worked up quite an appetite with all of that walking and promptly dug into home-made lunches upon our return to our beach chairs. Phew!


I went with the tried-and-true crunchy PB with sliced bananas and added some of the raw honey we purchased at the market. It was the perfect post-workout beach treat, especially when paired with a “few” Cape Cod potato chips. Something about that combination always screams beach to me. Maybe I should pack it more often when I return to the office to remind me of sunshine and blue skies.


That evening, the Original Crasher and I went to a local wellness center to crash their “Cross Training at Kinesis” class. The real name should have been “36-minutes of Killer Circuit Training and Some Sweet Moves on the Kinesis Machine.” I guess that would be too long to put on a schedule…but it about sums it up.


I had never heard of Kinesis equipment before walking into the room (have you?). After doing a bit of research, I discovered that these machines use a system of closed-loop weighted cables to allow for 3D movement and an incredible number of routine variations. This video from Technogym gives a better idea of just how versatile the machine can be. I was really impressed with how functional – and fun – the different stations were. Wish I knew of a place in DC that carried them because I have to admit, I’m salivating to use them again ASAP!


The class itself had 12 different stations and lasted exactly 36 minutes. Each station consisted of four rounds of 40 second intervals, after which we had 20 seconds of time to transition to the next station. Aside from the four Kinesis stations, we also worked with a spin bike, boxing heavy bag, rubber bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, barbells, jump ropes, and steps. I started at station one on the heavy bag, which included alternating 40 second intervals of punching and kicking. I then moved on to plyometric moves on the steps, transitioned to resistance-heavy hills and sprints on the stationary bike, and attempted my best combinations of pushes, pulls, lunges, and squats on the Kinesis machines.


I didn’t have enough time before class to watch demo videos of each move on the display concourse, so I was mostly relying on watching the guy in front of me. This wasn’t the best strategy, but it didn’t deter from getting a killer workout from the Kinesis stations. They were really my favorite part.


I’m not sure I could say the same for Mom, but she handled the entire class like a champ and was whipping through the stations with commendable skill. I don’t call her The Original Crasher for nothing, folks! By the end of the 36 minutes, we were both drenched in sweat and trying desperately to catch our breath. We turned to each other, smiled, and said, “Wow, let’s do that again!”

I wish I could find a class like this in DC. I love the circuit set up and the use of incredibly varied equipment to deliver a knock-your-socks-off full body workout. Not to mention it was extremely fast and extremely effective. The only similar thing I have crashed so far would be bootcamp at Jaime Andrews Fitness or Seal Team PT. Suggestions welcome!

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