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TGIF: Massage, Private Yoga, and a Pure Barre Winner

Happy Friday fit crashers!

TGIF, right? I don’t know about you, but my past few weeks have been absolutely packed. 2014 flew in with a zing and is still going strong. Despite my best attempts to capture everything in real-time on social media, I thought it’d be good to put pen to paper and document a few of the most awesome moments for blog posterity. So here we go!

1. Escaping Winter at the Lavender Retreat

lavender retreat spa

I was given the most wonderfully generous opportunity to visit the newly-opened Lavender Retreat Wellness Club in Capitol Hill last weekend. With all of my crazy fit crashing adventures racking up major sore muscles, they offered to treat me to an hour-long massage to help work out the kinks. I was elated – what a treat!

lavender retreat spa dc

The outside of the Lavender Retreat looks like any other traditional row house. But walk in the front doors, and my oh my, you are transported into a colorful, clean, calm oasis. Smack dab in the middle of the DC! Every room is beautifully appointed with bright, gleaming windows and custom decor. No two are the same. I did a whirl through the hallways just to check out all of the nooks and crannies. There are dedicated rooms for massage, skin care, acupuncture, reflexology, and relaxation. It’s an enormous two-level house…you don’t think they’d mind if I move in, do you?

lavender retreat spa dc

My hour-long session with Bonnie was a dream. I haven’t had a massage in years, so I’m certainly not an expert, but never have I felt so well cared for or pampered. Highlights included: hot towels on my back to help relieve a few stubborn knots, a to-die-for foot massage followed by moisturizer + steaming hot towels to lock everything in, and extra care placing pillows below various joints so I was constantly comfortable.

lavender retreat spa dc

I was handed a bottle of water after my session and spent the next few minutes chatting with Bonnie and other staff about the studio, life in DC, and anything else that came to mind. There was such positivity, joy, and pride as they described the Lavender Retreat, and I was really impressed by everyone’s professionalism. They really put every effort into making the experience memorable. I can’t way to go back again and try one of their signature skin care treatments. Oh la la!

2. The Joy of an Unexpected Crash


If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was out in Nevada for a friend’s wedding two weeks ago. It was an absolutely beautiful getaway, but any weekend involving cross country flights, jet lag, snow storms, no workouts, and an unplanned overnight layover (sans luggage) would naturally cause a little stress. So when I returned to the office on Tuesday, I was in desperate need of a workout. Not just any workout.


Say it with me folks…yoooo-gaaaaaaaahhh. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? After the hustle and bustle of a weekend away, it was the only thing on my mind. I did a little googling at work to see if there were any studios in the area I could pop into at the last minute. And wouldn’t you know, I came across a cute website for The Source Yoga in McLean, VA. Not only that, one of my favorite teachers from my early days at Down Dog Yoga was leading the class. Win! Where do I sign?

I was surprised – no, scratch that, elated – to have the class almost entirely to myself. The second student was one of the owners, so in reality, it was very much a private session with me, my mat, and I. And with the blustery weather outside, I tucked my bright green mat right next to the space heater and blissed out for the next hour and a half.

Sometimes it pays to go out on a limb and try something new and unscheduled. What a welcome, unexpected gift.

3. Pure Barre Giveaway Winner

pure barre dc

And finally – the Pure Barre giveaway!

After crashing Pure Barre in Dupont Circle last week, I can say (for now!) that I’ve visited every barre studio in DC. Hooray! To celebrate my crash, the lovely ladies at Pure Barre were kind enough to offer one of my readers two free weeks of unlimited classes. Thank you to everyone who participated – we had over 200 entries! Woot! And now for the fun part: the winner is…

* drumroll please*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Cait! I’ve sent you an email with the details. Enjoy fit crashing at Pure Barre and thanks for reading!

Getting Ugly to Get Pretty: Training at DC Boxing & Fitness

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

Crash Course: The “training class” at DC Boxing & Fitness offers a cardio-centric 45 minutes geared toward getting you in tip-top fighting shape. No, you don’t have to jump into the ring, but be prepared to fight tooth-and-nail through an intense barrage of plyometric moves, heavy-bag work, and bodyweight exercises. Believe me, burpees and round kicks make a formidable opponent any day. This is a non-stop, in your face, no frills class that will leave you in a pool of your own sweat. If you like high-intensity cardio, this is the class for you. Click here for a schedule of class times.

where: 1000 New Jersey Ave/Navy Yard Metro

bring: water bottle, towel, clean shoes, boxing gloves

perks: across the street from metro

sweat score: 9 out of 10 

wear: clean shoes

instructor: Jerome

cost: $95 per month for training


DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

You have to get ugly to look pretty. - Coach Jerome

I was lying face down on the mat, praying for the pushups to end and slowly sweating through every single item I was wearing. Those words, that phrase, felt both motivating and ironic. But I could appreciate the sentiment. Nothing about what I was doing was pretty. I was flailing my arms at a heavy bag. Jumping up and down like a crazed pogo-stick addict. Sprinting in place as fast as I could. Lurching toward the floor and doing rapid-fire mini pushups. Flinging sweat at complete strangers. Grunting. Even whispering a few expletives under my breath.

This class, my friends, is ugly. It requires good old-fashioned hard work and grit. And it is awesome.

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

Indulge me, if you will, in a little soapbox moment:

One thing that never fails to amaze me about the fitness world is how easy some folks make it sound to get into “the best shape of your life.” While I understand that statement is entirely subjective, if you are hoping to lose weight and make some serious changes, it’s going to take a lot of work. Hard work. Work that shoves you outside of your comfort zone and makes you stay there. No it’s not “fun” and it’s certainly not “pretty” – which is why I appreciate a class like the one at DCBFit where that ugly, sweaty, explative-strewn process is par for the course, expected, and celebrated.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, on to the crash review :)

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

DCBFit is a Thai boxing and MMA studio located directly across from the Navy Yard metro stop. There aren’t any big signs hanging from the building, so in case you can’t find it, it looks like this from the street:

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

When you walk inside, you’ll be greeted by someone at the front desk and asked to sign in. Put your belongings in one of the lockers along the wall, grab your water bottle and boxing gloves, and take off your shoes. That’s right. No outside shoes are allowed on the mats at DCBFit, so either bring a fresh pair to wear during class or get ready to work out in your socks. 

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

The majority of the space is taken up by a boxing ring and a large heavy-bag section. Every other nook and cranny is filled with some sort of training equipment, whether it’s a cardio bike, free weights, or MMA pads. There are two generously-sized restrooms in the back of the gym (no showers) where you can change before/after class if needed.

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

I showed up to crash the 9:45 class on Saturday morning and walked into the fogged-up studio with my coffee au lait just as the 9 a.m. folks were finishing. From what I could tell, I was in for a whooping. Jerome was pacing back and forth, yelling out a loud mix of encouragement, demands, and expletives. Everyone in the class was drenched in sweat. I clutched my coffee cup and nervously smiled at the woman waiting patiently next to me. It couldn’t really be as bad as it looks, right? *gulp*


DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

I put my half-emptied coffee on a shelf, grabbed some loaner boxing gloves, and tried to look like I knew what I was doing. No sooner than the last 9 o’clock person stepped off the mat, we were jab, cross, and upper-cutting away at the heavy bags. Jerome didn’t miss a beat. He would call out a combo, demonstrate it, and the rest of us would try to keep up. Some folks had more experience and aced the combinations. Others, like me, not so much. It didn’t matter. It got our heart rates up and the point was to just keep moving.

Jab. Cross. Punch. Sweat.

Then…the gloves came off.

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

The second portion of class focused less on bag work and more on plyometrics and interval bodyweight training. Each round consisted of fun things like mini-pushups, diamond pushups, pike push ups, planks, high knees, and jump lunges. Instead of resting in between intervals, we did burpees. Now…interpret burpee as you will, but the point was to just keep moving the entire time. Was it crazy hard? Absolutely. But like Jerome said, you have to get ugly to look pretty. Nobody’s going to get fit just standing around.

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

Third part of class: back to bag work. This time we practiced knees and round-kicks. Truth: nothing makes me feel more badass than kicking the stuffing out of a heavy bag with a few round-kicks, even when I’m flinging sweat half-way across the room while doing it. We alternated legs to the tune of Jerome’s increasingly-louder yelling. Left, right, left, right. If we weren’t exhausted from the first half of class, we were now.

For the finale, we landed on our backs for core work. One of my favorite moves we did involved holding the heavy bag between our legs and crunching up to punch it. Need motivation? Jerome will gladly get in your face for a little extra “encouragement.” After a dozen or so of those, I had officially tapped out. Phew! I’m spent!

DCBFit Boxing Capitol Hill

The 45 minutes flew by. There was honestly never a time I looked at the clock out of boredom or desire to be somewhere else. Sure it was a really hard class, but it was engaging from start to finish. The transitions were smooth, the instructor was a force-of-nature and captivating, and the group was welcoming and supportive. And at just 45-minutes, I was in and out of the whole operation in under an hour. Even got to grab my still-hot coffee off the shelf to enjoy on my trip home.

I loved this crazy class. And if you’re looking for a cardio-infused round-house kick to the face, you will too.

Crash it and let me know what you think!

American Parkour Academy: Feeling Like A Video Game Hero

American Parkour Academy

Crash Course: According to my research, parkour is a method of movement where “practitioners aim to quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles in their environment, using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves” (via). According to my personal experience, parkour is a crazy fun way to workout that feels a whole lot like being a stunt double in an action movie or one of the Mario brothers. You pick. There’s a lot of climbing, swinging, jumping, tumbling, leaping, running, and scrambling involved. It’s not really something that fits well into words, so here’s a video featuring one of the American Parkour Academy instructors doing his thang all over DC. Click here for a schedule of classes and to sign up. 

where: 219 M Street NW/Convention Center Metro

bring: water bottle, towel

perks: where else can you learn to do this in DC?

sweat score: 8 out of 10 


American Parkour Academy

Confession: parkour is something I have seen in videos before and thought, “well, isn’t that interesting, someone made a workout out of climbing up walls and jumping off them.” It seemed dangerous. Crazy. Reckless. Something that appealed mostly to boys who liked to climb stuff. Totally not something I would ever let my clumsy self attempt. Until I did.

American Parkour Academy

The American Parkour Academy is part of Primal Fitness, a functional fitness studio located just past the Convention Center on M Street NW. The enormous space offers both crossfit and parkour classes, so there’s something for every functional junkie out there.

Walking up to the red brick building, my first impression was that it’s rugged, loud, and whirling with activity. I had to walk through a few shirtless guys doing handstands and ring dips to get to the reception area in the back. As a first timer, it’s intimidating – but everyone is friendly and will be happy to point you in the right direction if you look as lost as I did. Just don’t expect to be greeted by a reception area with calming zen gardens and complimentary lattes. This just isn’t that kind of place (in a good way).

American Parkour Academy

The first floor of the building houses the crossfit box, reception desk, and a smaller area with functional training equipment. After you check in, head upstairs to where the parkour room is. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the resident pup, who enthusiastically greeted me with a hairy hello. Workouts + dogs = a win in my book. I stashed my belongings, filled up on water at the cooler, and headed into the classroom for the warmup.

American Parkour Academy

I can always tell when I’m in for a wild ride on a fit crash when the warm up throws me for a loop. We did a series of dynamic movements unlike anything I had ever done in a class before, including running from one end of the gym to the other while spinning in circles and somersaulting all the way around the room. Dizzy yet? I was. The last time this body did a somersault was somewhere in-between pre-k and grade school. Rusty is an understatement. I was warmed up, slightly dazed from all the twirling, and a bit panicked about what could possibly come next.

American Parkour Academy

The workout that day focused on scaling walls of all shapes and sizes. There were three stations to choose from and work through, each with varying degrees of difficulty. The instructors went over the form and technique at each station, taking questions and offering bits of advice.

American Parkour Academy

I started with the smallest wall, where the focus was learning how to use the leverage in your arms to swing your legs to the top in one graceful swoop. Graceful. Ha. Let me be the first to tell you that nothing about my crash was graceful, but I sure as hell tried. I got a lot of great feedback after every attempt and eventually got my bearings. But guys, it is in no way as easy or intuitive as it seems. And this was only stage one.

American Parkour Academy

Stage two involved running at top speed toward a medium-sized wall, where the goal was to use your momentum and a carefully placed foot mid-height to launch yourself up to the top. Launch. Kind of like Mario does when he wants to go down one of the pipes to beat up on King Koopa. I couldn’t quite get out of my own way with this one; the voice in my head was a bigger obstacle than the wall. But running as fast as I can toward a big stationary object isn’t something I do every day, so hey, it takes practice.

After all the tumbling, running, and jumping, I didn’t make it around to stage three. But if you’re following the pattern, that stage was the most advanced and required serious ups and hustle. In other words, scrambling up the tallest wall in the room. Honestly, it seemed 15 feet high, although I’m sure that’s not the case. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly some of the students sailed up that thing. Crazy impressive.

American Parkour Academy
With only a few minutes left in the workout, we closed out the class with a good old fashioned game of “don’t touch the lava.” 
You know, the one you played in recess where you had to jump from rock to rock without touching the ground (aka, the hot, molten lava). But in this case, instead of rocks, the entire group of us scurried over small planks, bars, and obstacles strewn about the room. All at once. For time. Every man and woman for themselves, and heaven forbid you’re the last one back.

It was chaos. It was hard. It was hilarious. It was so much fun. Straight out of recess circa 1995. Not many workouts can give you that kind of nostalgic whiplash while also kicking your butt – but parkour, I tip my hat to you. Nicely done.

American Parkour Academy

Let me pause for a moment and talk about the class members and instructors, who were hands down some of the friendliest folks I’ve ever met. Some fitness fads tend to get cliquey (you know what I’m talking about), and I was worried that something as niche as parkour would be totally insular. But I couldn’t get over how welcoming everyone was. Not only was parkour 100% new to me, but I was also the newest kid in the class, and I had a zillion-and-one questions. There was always someone willing to demonstrate a move, explain a technique, or offer a high-five after a successful attempt. Even more importantly, the instructors were extremely engaged and I never at any point felt like I was in danger, despite my constant fear of breaking a leg or faceplanting on the floor. Kudos to everyone in the class for making this total newbie feel like part of the crew.

Things I liked: 

  • A workout that’s so different, challenging, and fun that you forget that you’re working out
  • Welcoming community, cool vibe, great energy throughout the whole gym
  • Genuinely helpful instructors who care about sharing their craft
  • Where else can you do this kind of crazy stuff?

Things to consider:

  • This is a no frills spot. If you’re looking for cooled lavender scented towels after your workouts, this ain’t the place.
  • This is a high impact, high energy class. Know your body and what it needs before you go jumping off things. Just a friendly reminder!

SolidCore Studio Brings Lagree Fitness Method to DC


Crash Course: SolidCore is the first studio in DC to offer the Lagree Fitness Method, a high-energy, low-impact, full-body workout done on a monster spring-loaded pilates machine called the MegaFormer. The classes are small, the teachers are motivational, and the playlists are rockin – which is good, because you’ll need to muster all the extra oomph you can during this crazy sweat sesh. The class is a megawatt combination of pilates, barre, yoga, and body pump, sprinkled with a little zen and then doused in a pool of awesome. Click here for a full schedule of class times at SolidCore. 

where: 1841 Columbia Road/Adams Morgan

bring: socks with grips

perks: small class size

sweat score: 9 out of 10 

wear: whatever you’re comfortable sweating in

instructor: Brennan 

cost: first class is $17 ($20 after 30 Nov.), after that drop-ins are $35



SolidCore studio opened this past weekend in Adams Morgan on the same block as neighborhood favorites Mintwood restaurant and Fleet Feet running store. It’s the brainchild of Back On My Feet founder Anne Mahlum, who fell in love with the Lagree Method in LA and New York and decided DC needed to be in on the fun. And we are so glad she did, because this monster workout is the perfect match for DC’s slightly crazed, uber competitive, type-A intensity.


The SolidCore website describes the method as:

using slow and controlled full-body movements with constant muscle tension [to work] all muscle fibers to failure leaving them no choice but to rebuild, which leaves you with a more defined, toned and stronger body.

Let’s go over that again: Slow, low-impact movements + Failing muscle fibers = Toned body. Seems so civilized when you put it that way. But when Lorde is blaring over the loud speaker, the instructor is urging you to lunge a little deeper, the clock mocks you with a full minute to go, and your legs are simultaneously seizing and shaking…civilized is the last thing that comes to mind. More like: Challenging. Insane. Badass. Definitely badass.


The megaformer may look like a pilates machine, but let me be the first to tell you that this ain’t your momma’s pilates class. It’s the younger, hipper, crazier cousin from California. The one with the enviable tan and Jennifer Aniston arms.

While all of the pilates classes I’ve been to focus on posture, grace, and building lean muscles, this class is focused on making your muscles cry for mercy. All of them. All at once. And if pilates classes are soflty playing Norah Jones and Sara Barielles in the background, SolidCore is blasting rock while the instructor coaxes you into another round through his Janet Jackson headset microphone.


How was the workout? Really fun. It’s engaging from start to finish and there was never one moment when I was bored or unmotivated. Which is good, because if you haven’t caught on yet, the detail that stands out most in my mind is this: SolidCore is really, really challenging. Honed athletes and weekend warriors were struggling hand in hand. Which is awesome, because it shows the impressive versatility and accessibility of this workout for every fitness level. But it’s also awesome because I have never seen a class humble every fitness type, across the board, from start to finish.


Yes it’s hard. Yes it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. Yes you will be sore in weird places for days after you walk out the door. But don’t let the workout itself intimidate you, because I can honestly say it is one of the most effective things I’ve ever done. As someone who injured themselves with too many high-impact miles on DC pavement, a low-impact, super high-intensity workout like this is a godsend. Not only does it scratch the masochistic itch to put yourself through the wringer, it also delivers the safe body strengthening benefits of a barre method or mat pilates class. I’m sold. Now, there’s only one problem…


The price. At $35 per drop-in class, SolidCore is hitting the top tier of high-end boutique studio pricing in DC. [Note: sessions are less expensive if you buy a package deal.] On my current budget, it’s is just not something I can realistically do all the time. Which is a shame, because I’d love to go multiple times a week and make it part of my normal routine. Yes, I liked it that much. As a fit crasher, that’s saying something. I ran into the same problem after falling in love with Capital Gyrotonic and Georgetown Pilates, both of which charge over $40 per session. Guess I have expensive taste in sweat.


Hey, I’m all about splurging on health and fitness. Believe me, nothing is more important to my own personal happiness and sanity. And if you can afford it, I think there’s no better way to spend your fitness budget than on something you enjoy, whether that’s CrossFit, SolidCore, or that carbon fiber triathlon bike you’ve been lusting after. But I also believe in living within my means. At least until my memoirs sell for millions or el bloggolito gets purchased by a major fitness publication. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

So, SolidCore, I will be back for your high-octane brand of awesome. Just know I may have to have a bake sale or two before I do.

What’s your take on boutique fitness studio pricing: too darn high or worth the splurge?

Gyro-what? My Experience Flexing and Flowing at Capital Gyrotonic


Crash Course: Capital Gyrotonic is a boutique fitness studio in Woodley Park offering private and group instruction in gyrotonics and gyrokinesis. Say what? Exactly – this exercise technique is definitely off of the beaten path of commercialized fitness trends, but don’t let its obscurity fool you. Originally created as a rehab method for professional dancers, gyrotonics is best described as a mixture of yoga, assisted stretching, pilates, dance, and physical therapy. According to the website: “Through the use of circular, continuous, and repetitive movements, Gyrotonic Exercise both strengthens and stretches the body to its fullest capacity of wellness and health.” Click here for more info. 

where: 3000 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 334

bring: yourself

perks: beautiful space, small class size

sweat score: 4 out of 10 

wear: clothes that allow a full range of movement

instructor: Nathan Martin, Yvonne Hamm

cost: private session is $85



A while back, a good friend suggested I visit one of his all-time favorite boutique studios in DC. Intrigued by his enthusiasm, I quickly agreed to put Capital Gyrotonic on my fit crashing list. But before I called to make an appointment, I wanted to do some research to figure out just what the heck I was getting myself into.

A quick google image search was leaving me with more questions than answers. The gym’s website mentioned the workout was an improbable and hilarious mash up of yoga, dance, tai chi, gymnastics, and swimming. And the videos on YouTube were freaking me out. So before I could psych myself out, I picked up the phone and booked the next available session. How crazy could it be?


The Capital Gyrotonic studio is in the large building complex directly across from the National Zoo. There’s a bike share station out front, and the location is accessible from both the Woodley Park or Cleveland Park metro stops. When I walked in, I was struck first by the bright and clean space and second by the beautiful fresh cut flowers decorating the space. I know I’ve said this before, but I love the effort some small studios put into the little details. It makes a huge difference and helps set the tone.


My first session was with Nathan, the studio owner and a certified gyrotonics master teacher. His resume includes a stint as a ballet dancer and time spent in China during the 2008 Beijing Olympics teaching at the country’s first gyrotonic studio. Needless to say, I knew I was in great hands. After a short tour of the space and all of the many crazy-looking contraptions, it was time to get started.


I was completely spoiled with three complimentary private sessions at Capital Gyrotonic; one with Nathan, and two with Yvonne Hamm. Both instructors were attentive, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring in their own ways. Yvonne and Nathan are former ballet dancers, and I was in complete awe of their fluid, graceful movements as they demonstrated the various gyrotonic exercises. I tried my best to emulate their flow, but flexibility and grace are not my strong suit. Thankfully, the environment was entirely non-judgemental and I never felt inadequate when I couldn’t quite lift my leg to that 90 degree mark. Needless to say, the instructors definitely provide an example to aspire to (and make it look so easy!).


So what the heck is a gyrotonic session like? Well, a little bit like your favorite vinyasa yoga class paired with pilates and infused with a little bit of sassy interpretive dance. Each exercise is geared towards stretching out the body, elongating the spine, and building strength through fluid movement. It’s very hard to explain without seeing it with your own eyes, so I suggest doing a quick video search to check it out.


Because all of the exercise movements are scalable, either by adding weights or increasing the range of motion, the workout is ideal for folks of any imaginable age and ability. I have heard of gyrotonics being a part of routines for professional dancers and athletes, and also geriatric clients who need a gentle, no-impact workout. If you want to be challenged, you will be. I felt particularly challenged in my flexibility, core stability, and agility.


I left each session feeling elongated (at 5’1, this is particularly exciting) and pleasantly tired. There wasn’t the “I’m going to die” feeling of a spin class or a “I won’t be able to walk the next day” wince of a boot camp, but my body felt like it had done some intense internal work to stretch, lengthen, and tone all over. I absolutely loved it. And as someone who tends to be more attracted to high-impact workouts like running and interval training, gyrotonics was the perfect counterbalance. While the price point for private sessions is out of my range, I am intrigued by their group session option and think a few classes each month would be a great way to keep my body in check. If I go back, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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