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DC: Lava Barre Grand Reopening

Lava Barre Virginia Grand Opening 2015

Crash Course: Lava Barre just reopened in a new, larger location in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. Besides the increased space, the new studio has also expanded its fitness offerings with the addition of cycling, yoga, and TRX classes. Of course, their signature barre class is still a popular item on their diverse fitness […] Read more…

NYC: Body Rocket with CMT™ at Crunch Gym


Crash Course: The Body Rocket with CMT™ class at Crunch Gym is a core-focused workout using a device that – for lack of a more technical term – is sort of like a giant two-handled maraca that you shake, shake, shake to activate your abs. Prepare to get creative with the thing as you shake […] Read more…

DC: Next Phase

Next Phase Bethesda

Crash Course: The Hardcore Class with TRX at Next Phase is an interval training class that incorporates plyometrics, calisthenics, and TRX workouts. It’s a full body workout designed to help you correct bad habits and posture. My friend Hannah Yoo (hi Hannah) persuaded me to take the Hardcore Class with TRX at Next Phase. She’s legit, […] Read more…

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