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NYC: POWERED Class at The Movement

The Movement - Powered Class

Crash Course: POWERED class at The Movement fuses strength, conditioning, and functional movement into one 55-minute total-body toning class. Expect a serious focus on proper body positioning and technique while completing various rounds of bodyweight exercises and dynamic movements such as burpees and jump lunges. Oh yes, and don’t forget about the creative uses of fun toys […] Read more…

DC: Urban Athletic Club

Urban Athletic Club Georgetown DC

Crash Course: The “Urban Athlete” class at the Urban Athletic Club is a 50 minute multi-circuit, body weight class that combines three separate fitness elements: athletic conditioning, bodyweight + suspension training, and kettlebell + dumbbell training. Before you read this, make sure you register immediately on Urban Athletic Club’s website because they are currently offering FREE classes to […] Read more…

DC: Edge Yoga in Arlington

Edge Yoga Arlington VA

Crash Course: Edge Yoga is a no-frills yoga studio that will have you conquering your most sought-after yoga poses in no time. The Mixed Levels Yoga I class doesn’t mess around, and you’ll be engaging your core muscles for some complicated poses before you can say Namaste. Hey Fit Crashers! I’m excited to share another DC-area […] Read more…

NYC: Cheerleading Inspired CheerFit Workout


Crash Course: CheerFIT is a cheerleading-inspired bootcamp that combines cardio intervals, sculpting circuits, stability exercises, and flexibility moves to deliver a full-body workout. The emphasis is on developing the strength and flexibility needed to get in shape and stay injury free, whether on the field or in the gym. No cheerleading experience is required, so check […] Read more…

DC: Aerial Yoga Class at Spark Yoga

Spark Arial Yoga Virginia

Crash Course: The Aerial Basics class at Spark Yoga is a 75-minute introduction to the fundamentals of aerial yoga. It’s a required class for anyone walking through the door for the first time. The class focuses a lot of attention on learning to get in and out of the hammock, and also how to master some […] Read more…

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