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DC: Washington-Lee High School Pool and Track

Washington Lee High School pool and track

Crash Course: With an affordable public pool for practicing your strokes, and a free track for running sprints and speed drills, Washington-Lee High School is a hidden fitness gem in the heart of Ballston. Hello Fit Crashers! I’m so happy to be back crashing with you all today. After undergoing surgery on my foot back in […] Read more…

3 Lessons From 3 Weeks of Half Marathon Training


1. Don’t skip the warm up: I never used to warm up before runs. I thought it was completely counter-intuitive and annoying. In my mind, going for a run was supposed to include two steps. One: lace up shoes. Two: go. Anything that got in the way of steps one and two was a frustrating delay. But tearing my […] Read more…

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