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Three Things I Miss About Big Box Gyms

big box gyms

I have a confession to make: there are things I miss about belonging to a big box gym. To be clear, there are many more things I do not miss, but this week I realized I was accumulating a tiny list in the back of my mind of things that would make my fitness life so much easier…and then realized that those things were all perks associated with having a gym membership. I stopped cold in my tracks. Could it be? Could I actually be pining after monthly membership fees, decks of TVs turned to channels I don’t want to watch, and that adductor machine everyone hates? Not exactly. But let me explain.

1. Workout On My Own Schedule

You know those weeks when your schedule hurls itself out the window and nothing you had planned works out? Yeah, this was one of those weeks. Which meant that every fit crash I had on my agenda had to be cancelled at the last minute. As in, sometimes calling from the car stuck in traffic last minute. Sorry barre method. Sorry boot camp. Sorry run with friend after work. It just didn’t happen. And half-way through the week, I thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to workout on MY schedule. Even if it’s erratic and temperamental right now. Even if that means I don’t get around to it till 9:25 p.m. The truth is that there are one too many factors that can derail plans to get to the studio in time for a class. Life happens. The metro is delayed (shocker). Traffic accidents. Last minute 5 p.m. meetings with the boss as you’re walking out the door. No parking after circling the block 10 times. Needing to do laundry and get groceries instead. Bottom line: working out on somebody else’s schedule isn’t always easy.

2. Showers

Thanks to Drop In, I had an opportunity to workout for free at BodySmith in Logan Circle a few weekends ago. It was the first time I had been at a “big box gym” in ages. Because of ice and snow, my plan was to do a long run on the treadmill, scoot around to check out the weight options, and then meet friends for dinner after. Which I could do without being a sweaty mess because BodySmith has showers. Ah-ha! What a convenience! I am so used to running out of studios in my workout duds, hair all sweaty, clothes icky and damp. Cleaning up after class with fresh towel service and a fully stocked shower felt down right luxurious. I could seamlessly go about my day without the time-suck of going home, showering, and then heading back out to wherever I was going. I know there are a few boutique studios in DC with showers, but the majority do not have them. I understand why: they take up space, require cleaning, and are an added expense. But showers are a little time-saving perk that I sometimes really miss.

3. Options

DC’s boutique fitness scene is about as varied as they come. You want options? We’ve got options. But there are days when I just want to do my own thing and need the right equipment. Thirty minutes of running followed by weighted squats and pull ups. Or a HIIT workout with medicine balls and kettle bells. Or intervals on the stationary bike, treadmill, and rower with a few dumbbell reps thrown in for good measure. While I have a few pieces of key equipment in my apartment, it’s not a gym by any means. There’s also the issue of not being able to jump around without my downstairs neighbor wanting to kill me. So okay, I admit it, sometimes I do miss having access to a gym with all the fun toys.

I don’t have plans to join a gym any time soon. Nine times out of ten, I love bouncing around town to explore the smaller nooks and crannies of DC’s fitness scene. But there are those days – like this week – when boutique fitness just isn’t convenient. And as the blogger who has often put her hands up and backed away from the idea of big box fitness, I felt the need to come clean. So there you have it folks, the post I never thought I’d write.

Have a great weekend!

Which option do you think has the most perks: big gyms or boutique studios?

February Crash Report


February was jam-packed from start to finish with fit crashes all over DC, VA, MD, and even a few in Florida. I closed out the month last night with 45-minutes of spinning and weights at a bloggers and fitness-influencers class hosted by Revolve. I’ll be writing that up sometime next week, but until then, let’s soak in Friday by taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane. Here’s what the DC Fit Crasher was up to last month:

blog updates

Happy Friday everyone! Just a short post today to update you on a few new features here on the blog. I am hoping the site and all of my crash information serves as a resource for you as you look for new ways to work up a sweat. With that in mind, here are two ways you can now search through past crashes to find what you are looking for.

1. I created subcategories for the “Reviews” and “Crasher Confidential” tabs at the top of the page. The reviews are broken down by activity type (spinning, barre, boot camps, etc.). Crasher confidential is currently broken down into two categories: “Run Recaps” and “Run Training Plans.” Here you can find information about my weekly runs and the nitty-gritty of race training plans I’ve put together.


2. Looking for the skinny on a particular studio? Passed by a gym on your way home and want the insider scoop? You’re in luck, because all of my crashes are now listed by studio, too! Click here to see what classes I’ve crashed at each spot.


I am always looking for ways to make the information on DC Fit Crasher more accessible and user-friendly. Leave a note in the comments if there’s a better way for me to organize my posts, or if you’re looking for something and just can’t find it. I’d love your feedback!

Merry Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! I’m taking the day off from posting to be with my family and eat lots of cookies. Tis the season and I’m taking full advantage. Hope you do too and have a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday!

hello world

Hi there! I’m Meaghan, the fitness fanatic behind DC Fit Crasher.

This website chronicles my sweat and spandex infused misadventures as I attempt every workout DC has to offer. From pilates and pole dancing, to down dogs and dead lifts…I’m ready to try it all.

But before we get started, I thought I’d share a few points about my fit crashing credentials:


started year round swim team at the tender age of 4

 donned spandex and glitter for my Olympics-themed 7th birthday party

dabbled in dance, diving, skiing, tennis, and cross country

swam during high school and college

co-founder and women’s captain of collegiate triathlon team

competed in USA Triathlon collegiate national championships

began love/hate relationship with weekly hot yoga

ran 26.2 miles. tried it again. and again. ouch.


And now, I’m taking on DC’s fitness scene.

 Join me as I share the good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarious of working out in the district.