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February Crash Report


February was jam-packed from start to finish with fit crashes all over DC, VA, MD, and even a few in Florida. I closed out the month last night with 45-minutes of spinning and weights at a bloggers and fitness-influencers class hosted by Revolve. I’ll be writing that up sometime next week, but until then, let’s […] Read more…

blog updates


Happy Friday everyone! Just a short post today to update you on a few new features here on the blog. I am hoping the site and all of my crash information serves as a resource for you as you look for new ways to work up a sweat. With that in mind, here are two […] Read more…

hello world

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Hi there! I’m Meaghan, the fitness fanatic behind DC Fit Crasher. This website chronicles my sweat and spandex infused misadventures as I attempt every workout DC has to offer. From pilates and pole dancing, to down dogs and dead lifts…I’m ready to try it all. But before we get started, I thought I’d share a few points about […] Read more…