checking in from cincinnati

Hello fit crashers! I am home in Cincinnati spending the holidays with family. It’s been a wonderful time to step away from the buzz and bustle of DC and press the reset button before the new year. But vacations at home wouldn’t be complete without a whole lot of sweat, thanks to some help from the Original Fit Crasher (hi mom!). Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

I had a lot of gift shopping left to do on my first day in town. So, channeling my best yoga calm, I joined the frenzied masses at the mall to visit the new REI store. It was worth it. If there was a gym in the back, I could live in that store. All the fitness gear I could imagine, cozy sleeping bags, and food. Oh, and I found something for everyone on my list, too! After the marathon shopping session, I grabbed a few snack bars to test out while standing in the check-out line: Fit ‘n Crisp vanilla marshmallow bar and Nature’s Bakery whole wheat raspberry fig bar.

The consensus: they were both terrible. Way too icky, fake, and sugary sweet. Definitely not the healthy snack I was looking for! Next time I will grab an almond butter packet instead; at least I know those will hold me over without making me feel like I need to brush my teeth.

Gifts in hand, I made my way home to fit in a quick session at the gym before dinner. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I opted for a 12 minute HIIT workout.


The particular workout was inspired by Daily Hiit, and runs 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 12 rounds. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Burpee to a tuck jump
  • Deadlift to a row (I used 30 lbs.)
  • Spiderman push ups
  • Two ab rows, two bicycles

I ended in a pool of sweat with three minutes of planks. Phew! Love that endorphin rush.

The next morning I got up for a quick run before taking the Original Fit Crasher to her first hot yoga class. Check out these awesome Christmas lawn decorations I spotted around mile three – Santa in a hot air ballon is my favorite.


And then it was time to bend and flow at Move Your Hyde, the hot yoga studio I discovered over Thanksgiving. They have an intro class that was the perfect fit for Mom’s first time. She did great! But as the Original Fit Crasher, was there really any question?


I admit it, I would have never signed up for an intro class on my own. After many years of practicing, my ego would have pushed me to sign up for the advanced class. But those 60 minutes proved to be such a humbling gift. Instead of confidently flying through the sequences and taking them for granted, like I do too often, it made me slow down and take the time to really dig into each and every pose and each and every breath. So in this case, introducing Mom to yoga proved to be exactly the reintroduction I needed for myself. I left feeling refreshed, recharged, and excited to get back on my mat.


What have you crashed this week?


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