Why are you doing this?
Have you ever thought about trying that awesome new aqua yoga class downtown but the 20 Yelp reviews leave you more confused than informed? Or maybe you’re dying to try that sunrise bootcamp class but want the real scoop on what to bring, what to wear, how much it’s going to hurt and how much it’s gonna cost you. Yes? Me too. The Fit Crasher is my attempt to do something about it and provide a resource for candid, comprehensive reviews.
Do the studios you review know they’re getting crashed?
Yes. While blogging as an undercover fitness crasher sounded like a great idea, the reality of the situation dictated that we make ourselves known. The Fit Crasher coordinates with the studios to schedule the workout and secure permission to take photos during class. The reviews, however, are totally confidential and only shared with the studios after publication. 
Do you pay for the classes you crash?
Sometimes studios offer The Fit Crasher a free trial class in exchange for our review and insights. Sometimes they do not. Either way, you will be the first to know. Pay or no pay, the reviews are always 100% authentic and from our personal experience. Studios are not offered a chance to edit our content and never will be. We promised honest personal reviews and that’s what you’re gonna get! No matter the price, will note all of the details in each review so you know what the deal is up front.
Do you review fitness classes hosted in major gyms?
Our goal is to only review classes that are available to the general public. If you read a review and want to check it out the next day, you should be able to! So if a big box gym offers an awesome class only open to members, we won’t typically cover it. That said, if there’s a truly original class you absolutely love or some funky new thing at Gym X you want us to crash, let me know and we might consider it.
I have a great idea for a fit crash! Will you try it?
You have already reviewed a class I am interested in…but I still have questions. Help!
Not a problem. Get in touch via email or twitter and I’ll be happy to answer them.
Who takes the photos and video?
We do! All photos and video featured on the blog are the property of The Fit Crasher and its contributors unless otherwise noted. We’d love for you to share or use them on your site, but please provide source credit. Questions? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help.





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