fueling my crash: goûter tonics and treats

The kind folks at Goûter gave me a sample box of goodies to take home as fuel for my crashes. New to the DC foodie scene, this company is creating some serious buzz within fitness circles. Why? I can think of a few reasons:

  • Their products are raw, organic, vegan, and the ultimate health foods.
  • Each is hand crafted in DC with a unique blend of delicious ingredients and flavors.
  • The duo behind Goûter are adorable, friendly, and put a lot of love into their products.

I am a total sucker for anything that tastes good, looks good, and is good for me. And when it’s pre-made and dropped off on my doorstep? Consider my affection signed, sealed, and delivered, Goûter, because I’m yours.

So how did the tonics and treats hold up through a week of fit crashing?

Day One: 

The Awake tonic was the perfect way to kick off my taste testing. I had just come back from an early morning run and was dragging from being up late the night before. When I spoke with Gouter about the different ingredients in this tonic, I was told that this little bottle of sunshine would be enough to replace my morning cup of coffee. Really? I was skeptical – morning coffee is just one of life’s little pleasures that you’ll have to pry out of my sleepy, cold hands. But something about the tart lemon mixing with the warm cayenne was enough to wake up my senses and made me feel more alert. It was light and refreshing. And for those who are wondering about the E3 live algae floating around in there, it had zero taste.

Day Two: 

I had another early morning crashing the spin class at Biker Barre before coming home to a full day of writing. I settled into my desk popped open a Digest tonic. With alkaline water, organic lemon, cayenne, coconut nectar, aloe, and fresh, organic mint and ginger, it sounded like something that would soothe my tired muscles and my writer’s block. The mint and aloe were cool and complimented the spicy heat from the ginger and cayenne. No one ingredient was too overpowering, however, and the combination really worked well.

And because a day-long writing marathon is never complete without copious snacking, I dove into this homemade super-food power bar. This is a new item for Goûter and I was so excited to try it out before it hit the stores. It contains almonds, walnuts, coconut, dates, cacao nibs, goldenberries, goji berries, and sesame seeds. I’m not a huge fan of “bars” because they tend to be way too sweet and leave me feeling like I have a brick in my stomach. But this bar had zero sweetness–aside from the tart punch of the goji berries–and was substantive without being too heavy. It could use a little more oomph in the flavor department, but if I’m reaching for something before a workout, this would be perfect.

Day Three: 

On Sunday morning I crashed a barre class at B Fit in Logan Circle and brought the Anti Age tonic along for the ride. To be honest, this flavor was not my favorite. It wasn’t un-tasty, though, and really had some neat ingredients: alkaline water, organic lemon, cayenne, coconut nectar, goji, cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise. I’m notoriously intolerant of anything spicy or overpowering, and something about this particular combination of flavors just didn’t ring my bell. Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Day Four: 

I had been saving the Detox tonic for a morning when I knew I’d need breakfast on the run. Monday morning was hectic and I was aching from a weekend of back to back crashes. Packed full of kale, it seemed like the perfect superfood infusion to jump start my day. To be honest, I didn’t even notice all of the leafy greens, which can sometimes have a tart or even sour taste in some juices. The lemon and cayenne really did wonders to even out the flavors, making it easy to sip and enjoy during my morning commute. Props to Goûter for making such a delightful way to down my veggies.

And this chunk of vegan goodness is their spicy chocolate bark. A word of warning: this is not for the faint of heart. It is very bitter and has a kick. The crunchy walnuts and pumpkin seeds break up the intensity, but the entire experience is full throttle. I wouldn’t choose it to satisfy a sweet tooth, but that’s probably because my sweet tooth is addicted to peppermint jojos and coffee ice cream. Oops.

I will definitely be placing an order with Goûter again in the future.  The tonics were unique and tasty enough to make me a repeat customer, and I’ll have to get my hands on some more of their power bars. The team is constantly tinkering with new flavors and foods, so check their Facebook page for the latest menu updates and details about how to order. I think I recently spied photos of a holiday nut-nog tonic and a new apple, cabbage, quinoa salad.

A sincere thank you to Goûter for gifting these samples to DC Fit Crasher for this post. 


What are your favorite fit crash fuels?


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