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DC: Elevate Interval Fitness

Elevate Interval Fitness DC

Crash Course: From the Elevate Interval Fitness website: the 55 minute class incorporates high intensity treadmill work, rowing, and resistance exercises utilizing body weight exercises, straps, weights, and a variety of other equipment to shape lean bodies and enhance your strength, stamina and lactate threshold. These functional fitness classes will help you achieve your goals, whether your goal […] Read more…

DC: RIDE DC One Year Anniversary

Ride DC 2014

Crash Course: Ride DC offers spin classes with live performance tracking technology – a feature that lets students monitor their progress throughout the class. Each bike is hooked up to a system that projects speed, power, and other stats onto a screen at the front of the room. Throughout the class, students are racked and stacked according to […] Read more…

DC: Power Core Class at STROGA

STROGA DC Core Class

Crash Course: Power Core at STROGA promises a high-energy class focused on defining your core and it does not disappoint. Coach G will have you planking, TRX-ing, and mountain-climbing to a stronger core in no time. But why stop there? This class felt more like a full-body workout than a targeted ab class. At least that’s […] Read more…

DC: Urban Athletic Club

Urban Athletic Club Georgetown DC

Crash Course: The “Urban Athlete” class at the Urban Athletic Club is a 50 minute multi-circuit, body weight class that combines three separate fitness elements: athletic conditioning, bodyweight + suspension training, and kettlebell + dumbbell training. Before you read this, make sure you register immediately on Urban Athletic Club’s website because they are currently offering FREE classes to […] Read more…

DC: Aerial Yoga Class at Spark Yoga

Spark Arial Yoga Virginia

Crash Course: The Aerial Basics class at Spark Yoga is a 75-minute introduction to the fundamentals of aerial yoga. It’s a required class for anyone walking through the door for the first time. The class focuses a lot of attention on learning to get in and out of the hammock, and also how to master some […] Read more…

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