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Swinging Kettlebells at Studio f3 in Dupont


Crash Course: Studio f3 offers kettlebell classes from a small space tucked away in the basement of a Dupont Circle apartment building. This is a no frills spot with one mission: to deliver effective workouts in a fun, supportive environment. How effective? According to the American Council on Exercise, you’ll burn nearly twice the number of […] Read more…

Red Sun Yoga @ Epic Yoga


Crash Course: Put on your yoga pants and get ready to move like the karate kid, young grasshopper. Red Sun Yoga blends the moves of vinyasa yoga, martial arts, tai chi, budokon, and capoeira into a fun, challenging class. It pushes you to find strength in flexibility and grace in speed. How very yin and yang. […] Read more…

sweating buckets @ Bikram Yoga Dupont


Crash Course: Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class that combines two breathing exercises and a series of 26 different poses. The studio temperature is set somewhere around 105 degrees, and the humidity can reach up to 40%. Never been? Imagine doing some of the most intense twisting and stretching you can imagine. Now imagine doing […] Read more…

Feel the Burn: Fuse Pilates


Crash Course: The Fuse Pilates class is a 55-minute mat pilates course. No toys, no chairs, no reformers. Just the bodyweight basics set to music. But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the burn. Each class starts with students picking three body areas to focus on. Depending on the request du jour, the instructors make sure […] Read more…

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