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“living in america” inauguration dance party


In true fit crasher style, I celebrated inauguration weekend at a workout party. While others were getting gussied up in heels and ball gowns, I was putting on my best spandex duds to sweat at the Sports Club LA with the local crew from Lululemon and YaLa Fitness. According to the event information, the inaugural […] Read more…

yoga with a side of ballet @ epic yoga


Crash Course: The ballet barre class at Epic Yoga is not your average barre class. It’s heavy on the yoga with a sprinkle of classical ballet moves thrown into the mix. Be prepared to test your balance, flexibility, and focus. Click here to check out the schedule.   I crashed Epic Yoga’s martial-arts inspired Red […] Read more…

Red Sun Yoga @ Epic Yoga


Crash Course:┬áPut on your yoga pants and get ready to move like the karate kid, young grasshopper. Red Sun Yoga blends the moves of vinyasa yoga, martial arts, tai chi, budokon, and capoeira into a fun, challenging class. It pushes you to find strength in flexibility and grace in speed. How very yin and yang. […] Read more…