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3 Lessons From 3 Weeks of Half Marathon Training


1. Don’t skip the warm up: I never used to warm up before runs. I thought it was completely counter-intuitive and annoying. In my mind, going for a run was supposed to include two steps. One: lace up shoes. Two: go. Anything that got in the way of steps one and two was a frustrating delay. But tearing my […] Read more…

Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Plan


As I mentioned last month, this year is all about working toward a few big scary goals. First on my list: the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16. I haven’t run a half marathon in two years and, to be honest, it feels more like ten. A lot has happened in that span of 24 months, and […] Read more…

Project Triathlon 2015: Choosing A Race

project triathlon finding a race

If you remember this post from last month, I’ve made it my goal in 2015 to get back in the racing saddle and compete in my first triathlon in six years.  So far I’ve made progress toward that big scary goal by quitting ClassPass, joining a big box gym, and building up my base strength and conditioning. Hello […] Read more…

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