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DC: Elevate Interval Fitness

Elevate Interval Fitness DC

Crash Course: From the Elevate Interval Fitness website: the 55 minute class incorporates high intensity treadmill work, rowing, and resistance exercises utilizing body weight exercises, straps, weights, and a variety of other equipment to shape lean bodies and enhance your strength, stamina and lactate threshold. These functional fitness classes will help you achieve your goals, whether your goal […] Read more…

NYC: Drill Body HIIT Class at Drill Fitness

Drill Fitness NYC

Crash Course: The Drill Body HIIT class at Drill Fitness is a fierce combination of two sweat inducing all-stars: HIIT and tabata. The 50-minute class fuses strength, cardio, and plyometric movement to create a total body conditioning workout that will run even the fittest athlete through their paces. Don’t believe me? Check the scoreboard. Each participant is […] Read more…

What’s Up Wednesday

photo 1

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday : ) Fit Crasher here with a few fun updates to share. Truth is, I didn’t quite make it to my scheduled fit crash this week thanks to the joys of DC traffic congestion, so instead I’ve decided to take the editorial liberty of making this week’s post a little […] Read more…

A Capitol Hill Shrine to Sweat: Atlas Fitness Bootcamp

Atlas Fitness DC - Capitol Hill

Crash Course: Atlas Fitness offers a bootcamp class that is unlike any other I’ve been to before. First, the equipment and facility are enough to make any hardcore fitness junkie drool. Monster tires. Atlas stones. Bike trainers. Weighted sleds. Heavy ropes. Sandbags. Kettlebells. Boxing bags. TRX. All immaculately curated and displayed in this Capitol Hill shrine […] Read more…

Fit Crashing Freebie: Athleta Fit Club


  Crash Course: DC is an amazing city full of amazing workouts; luckily, quite a few of them are free of charge. I joined the Georgetown Athleta Fit Club for their Tuesday night HIIT class with Amy Rizzotto. This 30-minute session is a fantastic and friendly way to work up a sweat. It seems as though […] Read more…

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