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healthy hack: sweetpress hydrate

Confession: I have developed a serious crush on Sweetgreen’s Sweetpress juice collection. The adorable packaging. The fun flavor combos. The convenience. All of it.

While I’ve craved far worse than healthy veggie juice, there are a few things to consider in this scenario:

1. these little 12 oz. darlings go for $6 a pop

2. I don’t live near a Sweetgreen store

3. I have my very own juicer at home

That’s right. I stand in line at Sweetgreen to pay money for the cool-looking bottle full of juice that I can make myself.

Well my friends, it ends today.

I decided to dust off the juicer and show Sweetpress who’s boss by hacking their “hydrate” recipe from the comfort of my kitchen.






coconut water


I used one of each ingredient. There weren’t any fresh pineapples available at my local grocery so I had to use pre-cut pieces. For this recipe, I just threw in one whole package.

The total price? A whopping $8 for double the amount in the Sweetpress bottle. Once I added the coconut water to the juice, I was able to fill two of these large glasses.

How’d it taste? Pretty darn good! And close enough to the original to teach me a lesson.

Sorry Sweetpress, looks like me and the juicer have a lot of catching up to do.

Which juice recipe should I try next?