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If Bootcamp and Your Weekly Group Run Had a Lovechild: Out Run at Roam Fitness


Crash Course:  Roam Fitness is a boutique gym located in the Glover Park neighborhood that offers personal training, a carefully curated selection of functional training equipment, and a few non-traditional group fitness classes. One of them is a genius combination of outdoor bootcamp circuits and running, as if one weren’t hard enough without the other. […] Read more…

intro to crossfit at balance gym


Crash Course: Heard about the crossfit craze but have no idea what it’s all about? Have questions about form, function, and whether it’s the right workout for you? This is the place to start. CrossFit Dupont at Balance Gym in Glover Park offers a free “Intro to CrossFit” session every Saturday at noon, where trainers […] Read more…

half marathon training: first SLR


Hello fit crashers! Just a short update to share a few photos from my first Saturday Long Run (SLR) of half-marathon training. The plan I am using called for a six miler last weekend to kick things off. This is longer than I have run in quite some time, and despite the knot in my […] Read more…

cold snapshots from the first run of 2013


Happy Friday! Before we all head out for a weekend full of resolutions-keeping and new beginnings, I thought I’d share a few photos of how I started 2013. I woke up early to set off on a trail run through Rock Creek Park with a good friend. It was full of cold crunchy leaves, dog […] Read more…

that guy in the beaver costume totally smoked us


Some people wear sparkly sequence and high heels. Others pop champagne and twirl noise makers. And then there are the few dedicated crazies who lace up running shoes and ring in New Years Eve with a race in the dark and frigid cold. Can you guess which category I fell into this year? Ta – […] Read more…

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