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Dear Fit Crasher: Finding Classes When Traveling

san francisco airport yoga room

Dear Fit Crasher,

I loved following all of the fit crashing you did during your recent travels out west. It looked like so much fun! I travel a lot for work and unfortunately always seem to get stuck slogging on the treadmill at the hotel gym. It’s free, convenient, and horribly boring. Help. How do you find studios to fit crash when visiting other cities?


Traveling is fun. Feeling confined to the poorly-lit and terribly equipped hotel gym is totally not. I’ve been there and I feel your pain. While I wish hotels had fitness concierges *ahem* to help visitors find the best studio to fit their needs while on the road, that’s just not a reality. Yet. (Are you listening, hotels?! Can you make this happen?)

Here are a few of my tips for finding fit crashes while traveling:

  • Ask a friend: Many of the places I crash come at the recommendation of a friend who lives in the area. Nothing seals the deal for me like a ringing endorsement from someone I know and trust. And I don’t mean my good friend Yelp. This is typically my first plan of attack after solidifying any travel itinerary.
  • Social media: Not sure who’s in the area to ask? Facebook and Twitter…get on em and get social. You’ll be surprised who pops in with a helpful answer about a fun studio they’ve tried in X, Y, or Z city.
  • Fitness bloggers: Okay, shameless plug here, but if you’re visiting a major city, chances are there is a friendly fitness blogger writing about the ins and outs of sweating in their home town. They love it. You love it. The connection is obvious. Suggest trying a quick search to see if you can find one at your desired destination. If you’re lucky, their site could be a gold mine of information about places to try. If not, shoot them an email and ask!
  • Ask the web: I have a handy-dandy list of websites I visit to help me find neat places to try when I’m in a new city. Many of them allow you to search by type of workout, location, and time of day. Some even geolocate you and show a map of what’s available around you. Convenient. Genius. So helpful. Looking for a bikram yoga class at 6 a.m. near your hotel? These sites are the best bet to finding it.

Go Recess
Sweat Guru
Idea Fitness Connect
MindBody Connect

If you happen to come across any other resources you find helpful for fit crashing outside of DC, or fall in love with one listed  above, be sure to let me know! Until then, good luck with your traveling and happy fit crashing!

taking it on the road for turkey day

I’m packing up my spandex and taking this show on the road.

Turkey Day is a holiday I spend at home with my folks in Ohio. And in the midwest, Thanksgiving is not a holiday to be messed with. There will be casseroles galore and carbs up to my eyeballs. Unfortunately, I don’t know any local fitness bloggers who can help roll me to the nearest spin studio for a detox. Aside from Yelp (cringe)…what’s a fitness junkie to do?

Luckily, I’m related to the original fit crasher: my mother. 

I kid you not, folks, she has already lined up a grueling list of classes for us to try. After much back and forth, we have both put our heads together to whittle the contenders down to a lean, mean few.

Factors considered include:

- how much we will sweat

- probability that we won’t be able to walk the next day

- relative proximity to a wine bar

- bang for the buck


Without further ado, I present to you my plate of options for sweating in Cincinnati this Thanksgiving:

  • Move Your Hyde: Heated Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Also known as a guaranteed sweat fest. The studio runs on clean energy, offers UV mat cleaning, and hosts happy hours at the wine store downstairs. Win.
  • Hyde Park Body Boutique: Small boutique studio offering TRX, kettle bells, barre, and boot camp classes. String them all together for a calorie-burning cornucopia even the Pilgrims would covet.
  • Revolution Fitness: Spin studio with a side of everything else trendy in the fitness world. Pilates, kettle bell training, TRX, barre, Zumba, and yoga. I’m eyeing the endurance spin class to help me recover from my food coma.
  • The Hyde Park Studio: Word on the street is this pilates studio has some of the meanest classes in town. How could I say no to a crash like that?

Which one would you pick?




Dupont Circle Hotel to Guests: “Let’s Get Physical”


Despite our best intentions, squeezing fitness into travel plans can be rough.

Sometimes the hotel doesn’t have a gym.

Sometimes those workout clothes just don’t seem to fit into your carry on.

Sometimes you are in meetings from touchdown to takeoff.

And sometimes…well…happy hour with colleagues sounds better than sweating it out in an unfamiliar city.

Excuses ain’t gonna cut it for The Dupont Circle Hotel, which is offering guests a package deal to get them moving and shaking during their stay in the capital.

A hotel offering a little nudge toward the workout room? Now that’s a deal I can get behind.

From their website, when you book a room with the “Let’s Get Physical” package, you’ll receive:

  • Complimentary access to on-site workout room
  • A complimentary “Let’s Get Fit” breakfast in Café Dupont – which features yogurt, whole fruit, granola, juice and coffee
  • Complimentary pass to Capital Bike Share. Skip the metro and use Capital Bike Share, which allows you not only to burn calories, but to remain above ground, the better to see the sights and attractions of Washington, DC.
  • A $50 Gift Card of your choice at either Lululemon or City Sports (yes please!)

What do you think – is this something you would use? Have you heard of any other DC hotels offering fitness perks?