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Dear Fit Crasher: Finding Classes When Traveling

san francisco airport yoga room

Dear Fit Crasher, I loved following all of the fit crashing you did during your recent travels out west. It looked like so much fun! I travel a lot for work and unfortunately always seem to get stuck slogging on the treadmill at the hotel gym. It’s free, convenient, and horribly boring. Help. How do […] Read more…

taking it on the road for turkey day


I’m packing up my spandex and taking this show on the road. Turkey Day is a holiday I spend at home with my folks in Ohio. And in the midwest, Thanksgiving is not a holiday to be messed with. There will be casseroles galore and carbs up to my eyeballs. Unfortunately, I don’t know any […] Read more…

Dupont Circle Hotel to Guests: “Let’s Get Physical”


Despite our best intentions, squeezing fitness into travel plans can be rough. Sometimes the hotel doesn’t have a gym. Sometimes those workout clothes just don’t seem to fit into your carry on. Sometimes you are in meetings from touchdown to takeoff. And sometimes…well…happy hour with colleagues sounds better than sweating it out in an unfamiliar […] Read more…